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"M.P. Public Higher Secondary School" recognized by the state Gov. of M.P. For this institution we have arranged a highly qualified and experienced principal & qualified teaching staff. We wish our students will grow smart, talented and Thoughtful adults in Future. We beleives that sound minds in healty body so we provide all kind of facilities and exposure to the students so that they can study with a sound mind.

The school is situated in a peaceful, pollution free, nice and healthy natural environment, even though it is situated in the middle of the city. The school has big attractive buildings with modern facilities. Proper infrastructure is available for the students.

Every year we organize cultural and sports activities and prizes are given to the talented students. Entertainment and educational tours are also organized to enhance student’s knowledge. Therefore, School tries to discover the hidden talents in order to develop their all round personality.

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Founder and Chairman- Mr. Amar Nath Shrivastava

Small classes with personalised attention to academic, cultural, physical and social, development. And programmes that are flexible, relevant and varied.

Safety First

said to mean that it is best to avoid any unnecessary risks and to act so that you stay safe.

Regular Classes

Regular Classroom means a specific instructional grouping within the regular education environment.

Certified Teachers

A certified teacher is an educator who has earned credentials from an authoritative source, such as the government, a higher education institution or a private body or source.

Sufficient Classrooms

The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and decore of each classroom at The M.P. Public School has been designed for diffrent schools.

Creative Lessons

Creativity is a learnable skill, anyone can be more creative by applying hard work and strategies.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities means enclosed area of sports pavillions, stadiums, gymnasiums, health spas...

20 Years of Experience

It's important to think about what we can do to prepare for the future, so we can improve areas of need today. Here are a few areas schools should focus on evolving to create a bright future for education.

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Our Team

Mr. Abhay Nath Shrivastava

Managing Director

Mr. Saju

Mr. Biju S.


Mr. Rammitra Mishra

Vice Principle and examination incharge

Mr. Anurag Tiwari

Miss. Shristy Tiwari

Mr. Saif Khan

Miss.Shama Parveen

Mr.Brijesh Singh


Mr. Arun Mishra

Mr. Lavlesh Dwivedi

Mr. Dheeraj Mishra

Mrs. Rekha Saju

Miss Dipali Soni

Miss Rashmi Shukla

Miss Pratima Soni

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